RLJ Transport is a freight broker and third party logistics provider located in Asheboro, North Carolina helping solve your transportation problems.

As a freight broker serving the industry nationally, we specialize being a third party logistics provider in shipping services. We are based in Asheboro, which is located in the center of North Carolina. We offer service that delivers and exceed expectations for shippers and carriers.

As a 3PL company we understand the importance of a managing service from every step in the lifecycle process and having your shipments delivered on time, every time.

We help shippers find reliable carriers that are otherwise difficult to locate. Assisting motor carriers with constant inventory ready for transportation keeps us as a leading freight broker on the East Coast of the United States.

When you are ready to partner with a trusted broker for freight or outsource your delivery supply chain to a third party, let RLJ Transport be your first call.

Freight Broker and Third Party Logistics

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